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Buying A Home For The First Time

When its your first time buying a home there are a few things to consider, many times when first time home buyers are considering buying one of the many Santa Maria homes for sale the first thing buyers always consider is the price of homes, and the interest rate of the new mortgage home loan that they will have to get in order to buy the home, and even sometiems how the house “feels”.  But the thing is that there are also a lot of things that won’t come up until after buyers move into their new home. Here are a few home shopping tips to consider if you want to make sure you enjoy your time in your new home.

The Direction The House Faces. The side of your house that gets shade at different times of day can make your yard more enjoyable. In the Summer, the sun beats down on the West side of houses, making them very hot and uncomfortable. If you like having barbeques and picnics in the back yard, you don’t want to purchase a house that faces East, unless it has plenty of mature shade trees.  This is something you would not even think about at most times and if you have ever given gardening a thought it might be something to consider or where your bedroom window is at when the sun is in full power, lighting up your room but also warming it up.

Depending on where you plan on buying your home in the United States will only give you other things to take into consideration such as areas like Salt Lake Real Estate, that get lots of snow, can reduce their winter yard work by having the sun help with the removal of snow and ice, so the South side facing the driving way can help melt the work. Driveways of southerly facing Bloomington MN, Homes melt very quickly. When snow storms are minor, snow melts during the afternoon and shoveling isn’t even necessary. Now you can have yourself one very nice house but if your home happens to be one of those houses that face the North, will see almost no sun on cold winter days, so half the year you will have  some extra work to do which for some can be a big pain.

Do it Yourself “Projects”. Many first time home buyers buy houses that aren’t in a condition where they can truly be happy, but just need some work here and there. They think that it will be easy to take care of the do it yourself projects, and get the house just the way they want. Shortly after starting a do it your self project, homeowners almost always come to the realization that it will take a lot longer than planned, sometimes they find out its not so easy and may cost more than what they expected. They often find that all their free time is spent on home improvement projects. If you like being a handyman, then fixer uppers are recommended. If you aren’t sure if you will like handyman work, then you may want to stay away from homes that require significant work.  The thing is if you have ever watched the show “Home Improvement” most guys think that they can do it themselves and it all looks easy on TV.  Even those cooking shows with that new what ever makes it all look easy until you get and find out its not the same as it is on TV.  But when you have a home you have that you live make sure you know what you are getting into and whether the work is just cosmetic or you really will have to know what you are doing or pay someone that does.


Taking Care of the Yard.

Most first time buyers move from an apartment where others take care of the yard, they have gardeners there adn most thing they cannot wait to have their own yard and some want a huge back yard so they can entertain have room for the kids and lots of yard. Caring for gardens, flower beds, and large yards can take up many hours each week, I have been there and let me tell you cutting grass and weed wacking and then when you have done all that you still have to clean up and don’t forget about the weeds.  If you know you enjoy yard work, and have plenty of free time, then this won’t be an issue. If you bearly have enough time to enjoy life as it is, then you probably don’t want a high maintenance yard.  I know its nice to have a big back yard plenty of privacy room for the kids and if you have  a party just remember either you plan on doing the work or you will be hiring someone to do for you so make sure you can budget that expense in there.

Weeds grow, like weeds, and can be out of control if they are neglected for just a few days. If weeding isn’t something you will make time to regularily do, then stay away from yards with large garden areas. Some things that will minimize yard maintenance include: automatic sprinklers, perrenials, weed tarps, and small garden areas.

Buying your first home is an important experience. It is where you will spend your leisure time. Think about how your life will change if you buy a certain house, before making an offer, for many this is the biggest and most important purchase decision of their life.

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