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What If Bought A Home And Defect Not Disclosed And Did Not Use An Agent

Betty asks…

What rights does a home buyer after closing?

We bought a house that was for sale by owner and we came without a real estate agent. Since buying the house we have had several major repairs ( that repairmen indicated were a result of ongoing problems).  Can I request that the seller pay for repairs since they didn’t provide a disclosure statement?

admin answers:

You need a Real Estate attorney.

I know that there are Real Estate transactions that occur without an agent.  Usually its because the seller does not want to pay the commission involved in paying the real estate agent.  Since it typically falls on the seller not the buyer.  But an agent looks out for you in the transaction making sure all disclosures are signed and that all information that should be disclosed is disclosed, and that is considered material.   This is not to say that there are not Real Estate agents that do not bend the rules or just try to close the deal, and that there is never an issue when doing a transaction with an agent.  No matter what occupation, you will always have some bad apples in every industry.

As for your situation typically, failure to provide such a disclosure entitles a buyer to a specific remedy,  but a lot of that may be dependent on what you signed in your contract and what you may have agreed to prior to closing.   You need to get with a real estate attorney and see what remedies are available to you.

The “problems” may be the responsibility of the former owner regardless of the Disclosure issue. If you are to make out a claim against them, you’ll probably need to prove four things ( so see a local attorney):
1. Did They KNOW about the problems ?
2. They intently not tell you ?
3. Was there no way for you to know otherwise without them telling you?

Good LUCK !!



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4 Tips On Best Choosing A Real Estate Broker To Sell Your Property

Are you having difficulty selling your property? End your headaches by engaging a state-licensed real estate or property agent. Hiring one ensures that all acceptable actions and requirements will be done pristinely, with less trouble for you. If you are doubtful on how to find the right real estate agent, here are 4 effective tips that may come in handy.

Learn how to Inquire. Asking is free, so learn to ask from friends who’ve experienced hiring real estate brokers. Get suggestions from your buddies or neighbours. Word of mouth is the most powerful kind of promoting. Asking around will lead you to some of the better brokers around and additionally, will allow you to discover which to avoid. You may do online research in case you have limited connections to ask around. There are also forums specifically for real estate agents that you can read and engage with.

Form Connections with Brokers from Your Community. If you’d like to discover a broker who knows your neighborhood, you must go look at houses within your community. Local providers know how much it’s possible to get from your house based totally on the area’s going valuation and the condition of your place. This is their edge over realtors not based in your community. Check out 1 or 2 local open homes and talk to the hosts. They may just be able to refer you to other brokers who are free at the time, knows the place and will help you get the very finest tag price out of your house.

Choose a Reputable Broker. You can judge a property agent who performs when he is outside the office. Ethics and reputation are key. You must choose an agent you can have trust in.

Make a List of Brokers. You are still the client even if you happen to have got a broker representing you. List the names of potential real estate agents you who are preferably in your community. Gather lots of information and make comparisons. Think about which one will get you the most acceptable price for the house and, most of all, who you believe will sincerely help you throughout the entire process. Some agents can get top-dollar for the house but are not reliable when referring to performing other transactions like finishing documents, escrow, for example. If you can’t decide on a broker, call your leading choices and set up an appointment. Let them bring their professional certifications. Most agents will be ready to meet with you to promote their personalised services. For instance, in the Midland MI property market, superior real estate agents like Tom Webb will supply a full high level view of their selling plan.

Selling a place is a serious matter, especially to the owners. Correct procedures should be followed and that’s the reason having a real estate broker is mandatory. So as much as possible, don’t handle matters on your own and target your time and energy on other more valuable things. Try the tips mentioned above and you will be on your way to meeting that professional and trusty broker you have been looking for.

Tom Webb is an Midland Realtor and Associate Broker with Acres & Homes Realty in Midland Michigan. Tom provides services to both buyers and sellers. You can visit Tom’s site at www.tomwebb.com.

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