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What If Bought A Home And Defect Not Disclosed And Did Not Use An Agent

Betty asks…

What rights does a home buyer after closing?

We bought a house that was for sale by owner and we came without a real estate agent. Since buying the house we have had several major repairs ( that repairmen indicated were a result of ongoing problems).  Can I request that the seller pay for repairs since they didn’t provide a disclosure statement?

admin answers:

You need a Real Estate attorney.

I know that there are Real Estate transactions that occur without an agent.  Usually its because the seller does not want to pay the commission involved in paying the real estate agent.  Since it typically falls on the seller not the buyer.  But an agent looks out for you in the transaction making sure all disclosures are signed and that all information that should be disclosed is disclosed, and that is considered material.   This is not to say that there are not Real Estate agents that do not bend the rules or just try to close the deal, and that there is never an issue when doing a transaction with an agent.  No matter what occupation, you will always have some bad apples in every industry.

As for your situation typically, failure to provide such a disclosure entitles a buyer to a specific remedy,  but a lot of that may be dependent on what you signed in your contract and what you may have agreed to prior to closing.   You need to get with a real estate attorney and see what remedies are available to you.

The “problems” may be the responsibility of the former owner regardless of the Disclosure issue. If you are to make out a claim against them, you’ll probably need to prove four things ( so see a local attorney):
1. Did They KNOW about the problems ?
2. They intently not tell you ?
3. Was there no way for you to know otherwise without them telling you?

Good LUCK !!



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How To Sell A House Fast

Richard asks…

How can I sell my house fast for cash?

Hi everyone, I am going through financial hardship and need to sell my house fast for cash. My house is paid for. I don’t care if I take a loss. I just need cash. Any advice will be appreciated.

admin answers:



Well it seems like you are one of those lucky ones to have all that equity you can do one of two things.  You can sell it fast and dirt cheap or you can sell it fast for as much as possible.   I just depends on which route you prefer to take.

Your first option to get your house sold quickly and get you that much needed cash ASAP would be to sell it to a real estate investor. Buying property for cash at a discount is these guys and gals forte.

Those ugly posted sighs you see on telephone poles and street sighs that read “we buy houses cash” are absolutely true and not a scam. These ads are meant to target motivated house sellers like yourself.

These real estate investors will gladly pay cash for a house that they can buy from anywhere between 50% to 70% of the appraised after repair value. Even if you live in small town USA every town has real estate investors.

You can just go driving around your neighborhood and keep your eyes peeled for these sighs. Usually busy intersections will have one or two. Also on the weekends is when you’re most likely to see these sighs. Get the numbers and call these guys.

Before you even talk with a real estate investor, I recommend you get a rough estimate of what your house is worth, how much similar homes are priced at, and the sell of recently sold similar homes. This way you are not completely in the dark about your home’s value.

Your second option is to call real estate agent and tell him or her that you are thinking of selling your home and are doing some research and if they can supply you with this information. They will gladly email you this information, because you are a potential customer.  A good real estate agent has a list of investors that they work with let them know you are only looking for CASH buyers and they can offer your home to these investors so you can still sell it fast.  But when you are dealing with multiple buyers you can get more money than if you only had one buyer.  Not to mention the agent will help you comply with all legal contracts and disclosures keeping you out of trouble but at the same time making sure you are not selling the house for dirt cheap and at the end feeling like you were being taken advantage of. Nothing closes a real estate deal faster than an all cash purchase, which is how an investor will buy.

As long as your house passes a clear title check their is no reason why you shouldn’t have your house sold and cash in hand in about a week.


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