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Home Gardening Benefits and Common Mistakes

So many people are considering the addition of a home garden to their home for many reasons. Whether you are looking to relax and sooth yourself from a stressful week or take on a new hobby, gardening may be the answer for you.


Labor that is Relaxing

You may wonder how gardening, a hobby that requires some sort of physical stain could be relaxing and soothing? This type of labor is not like construction or working in a factory. Gardening can help you break your daily routine and release unwanted energy and emotions, giving you the opportunity to take your mind off of your daily tasks providing you with some replacement therapy.


Why Garden?

Gardening may not be for everyone to try, but it can provide you with a hobby that helps you relax as you feel the earth within your palms or the gentle breeze that flows through your body. Another reason to take up gardening as a hobby is to feel the joy of what you have created with your very own hands. Try something new for a change and notice for yourself the pleasure that comes along with it.


Before you get your ‘hands dirty’ here are some common mistakes that new gardeners tend to make:

1. Over watering – there is no need to douse your new garden with a ton of water. This can actually harm or even destroy your new creation. Instead keep the watering to a moderate level and keep an eye out for the weather as a rainy season can help you save time and money by allowing mother earth to feed your garden.

2. Fertilizing More is Not Always the Best Option – . Instead of spreading your garden with extensive fertilizer, learn the nutritional needs of what your plants need to survive.

3. Ignoring Invasive Plants. Unfortunately there are plants known as invasive, or in other words these types of plants harm other plants or flowers around them. Take some time and study the types of plants that naturally live next to each other or plants that don’t cause any harm to others.

4. Killing All Bugs. This may not be the best idea to do because some insects and bugs actually help your garden grow. Read up on those types of bugs that actually provide damage and focus on getting rid of them.

5. Overcrowding. Allow plenty of space between your plants to flourish and grown, rather than stuffing your garden space with as many plants as possible.

6. Avoiding Weeding – Weeds can be annoying  not only because of their looks but they also prevent your garden to grow to its fullest potential.

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