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Home Gardening Benefits and Common Mistakes

So many people are considering the addition of a home garden to their home for many reasons. Whether you are looking to relax and sooth yourself from a stressful week or take on a new hobby, gardening may be the answer for you.


Labor that is Relaxing

You may wonder how gardening, a hobby that requires some sort of physical stain could be relaxing and soothing? This type of labor is not like construction or working in a factory. Gardening can help you break your daily routine and release unwanted energy and emotions, giving you the opportunity to take your mind off of your daily tasks providing you with some replacement therapy.


Why Garden?

Gardening may not be for everyone to try, but it can provide you with a hobby that helps you relax as you feel the earth within your palms or the gentle breeze that flows through your body. Another reason to take up gardening as a hobby is to feel the joy of what you have created with your very own hands. Try something new for a change and notice for yourself the pleasure that comes along with it.


Before you get your ‘hands dirty’ here are some common mistakes that new gardeners tend to make:

1. Over watering – there is no need to douse your new garden with a ton of water. This can actually harm or even destroy your new creation. Instead keep the watering to a moderate level and keep an eye out for the weather as a rainy season can help you save time and money by allowing mother earth to feed your garden.

2. Fertilizing More is Not Always the Best Option – . Instead of spreading your garden with extensive fertilizer, learn the nutritional needs of what your plants need to survive.

3. Ignoring Invasive Plants. Unfortunately there are plants known as invasive, or in other words these types of plants harm other plants or flowers around them. Take some time and study the types of plants that naturally live next to each other or plants that don’t cause any harm to others.

4. Killing All Bugs. This may not be the best idea to do because some insects and bugs actually help your garden grow. Read up on those types of bugs that actually provide damage and focus on getting rid of them.

5. Overcrowding. Allow plenty of space between your plants to flourish and grown, rather than stuffing your garden space with as many plants as possible.

6. Avoiding Weeding – Weeds can be annoying  not only because of their looks but they also prevent your garden to grow to its fullest potential.

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Buying A Home After Bankruptcy

Buying A Home After Bankruptcy

If you have ever experienced having to go through bankruptcy then you know just how devastating it can be.  One thing that you may be wondering is if you will still be able to attain a home loan.  Also, not to mention the thought of  buying a home after bankruptcy can still be a possibility.

Bankruptcy can make your home mortgage loan approval extremely difficult, but we at Greater Mortgage Solutions can still make it possible to get you approved for a new home loan.  Not to mention bad credit does not last forever and there are loans for bad credit being accepted all the time. These type of lenders are known as Subprime lenders and they are focused on helping individuals with bad credit in attaining the home of their dreams after bankruptcy. Do keep in mind that time does have to pass after bankruptcy typically at least 1-2 years after re-establishing some credit.


There are an increasing number of people with poor credit who are searching  for home financing. Here are some extremely good ideas to consider after bankruptcy to expedite your approval for a home loan.

Increase your credit rating. By simply making regular payments on time or on a regular basis, the odds of your credit score rising is high. Once your bankruptcy has ended for some time, usually about 2-3 years, you should have an easier time qualifying for a smaller interest rate for a mortgage loan.

Owning an asset. Renting a home may be a simple way of putting a roof over your head, but you are essentially throwing your monthly payments away each month. Financially it is better to buy a home because over time, the value of your home will increase, thus working your way towards owning an asset. After some time of purchasing your dream house you may be able to consolidate any other debt that your bankruptcy might of not included, you can achieve this by attaining an equity loan.

Things To Consider After Bankruptcy

It can be extremely tempting to purchase an new home, vehicle, or to perform renovations after bankruptcy discharge since you have no debt left. Due to the financial relief that you had, you may probably feel like you can afford a larger house payment. Let me tell you that it is not that easy so I have provided some things to consider before you obligate yourself to a new mortgage payment.

The Pre-payment Penalty.  This penalty lasts about 6 months worth of house payments, and usually lasts anywhere from 2-3 years. Upon signing those mortgage documents you need to make those payments on time, on a timely basis.  Making those payments on a timely basis is crucial to prevent you from losing the house. So we suggest to have extra funds available for incidentals that you may need in the future

The Two Year Mark. After 2-3 years from the date of the bankruptcy discharge, mortgage loans will be much easier to attain. With a small down payment, you might even be able to get a mortgage loan without a pre-payment penalty. If you are close to the 2 year mark we advice to wait it and have more mortgage loan options.

Borrowing Too Much. Don’t spend more than you can afford. This mistake tends to be the most common that we usually get into. When deciding to buy a house, purchase one that you know you can afford. Avoid maxing out your credit or living on the edge of your income.

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Are You Able To Change The Loan Amount While In Escrow ?


Donna asks…

In escrow, and would like to change the amount of the down payment?

I am a buyer and currently in escrow. The cost of the house is 450,000, and I originally planned to put down 135,000, and borrow 315,000. These numbers are all on the escrow papers. I was wondering if it is possible that I could put down 100,000 instead of the 135,000 and what it would do to the escrow. Thanks.

admin answers:

Yes…you will have to get with your Agent and more than likely they will have to draw up an addendum.  Which is only page and easy to do.  The big hurdle may be your lender even though it should be easier to qualify for a loan that is smaller.  The lender still has to be able to insure that you can source the extra funds in order to use them.  And if you can do that, then there really is not a problem since you should easily qualify for even a smaller loan amount.

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Contemplating Purchasing A Home? Here Are Some Ideas

You’ve made a decision to invest in a brand new home. Before you sign anything – actually, before you even start to look – have a close look at your life style, and then get the responses straight down on a piece of paper. The way you are living can without a doubt allow you figure out where you live; specific things like interests, the level of mingling you do, just how much time you spend at home, and even what sports you take pleasure in – all of these may have a bearing on the place you finally decide on.

It’s interesting, but a majority of people don’t give just as much thought to their life style as they do to the construction level of quality of the home.

While a profile really should be created for each member of the family, form a list for the family as a whole, charting family priorities or the strongest and weakest inclinations of each member. It might be tough to suit everyone’s wish list equally, but such a user profile will reveal what elements tend to be most significant to all.

Likewise, writing it down not simply helps keep them on your mind when you find yourself house-hunting, but can also make you aware about characteristics you might have usually overlooked. Here are a couple points to consider in creating the profiles.

Recreation. A lot of people enjoy some type of leisure-time activity, may it be a sport or a hobby. In any case, it could have an impact on the home you pick. In case you lean in the direction of active sport, then you certainly should look for a home and neighborhood where you can gratify these desires ideally and easily.

If you’re still working, to enjoy the most time at home, select a site favorable to your job, or very near to a fast commute. And if perhaps your leisure time is limited, you might prefer to live in a place where nearly all of the outdoor maintenance is conducted for you. Residence living is a good choice for a low-maintenance way of living which increases free time.

Precisely how prosperous do you think you can be in starting a whole new way of life? Many individuals are usually beings of habit in certain regard and they stick to the same likes and dislikes and pursuits even though they’ve moved to a new place. Other individuals frequently develop new passions and new methods to have a great time. People are most likely to be pleased in a home and local community that gives them precisely the same satisfaction they enjoyed before.

Is there room for everything? You could have a collection of china or artwork, a fine library or wine cellar. Your young ones may have most loved items, as well. Decide on a home where this stuff can be exhibited and cherished.

Think about price? Just how much do you wish to spend on your home with regards to other interests? A mature adult couple now living in a single-family home may want to use their equity to move into a comparable condo. However, a more youthful couple may wish to invest more on a home in a recreation-oriented community for them to enjoy activities that would cost them a great deal more individually.

As you answer these questions regarding your own way of life, you may observe other questions you should ask yourself, to help you to decide just how you wish to live. When you answer them all, the search shall be a whole lot less complicated.

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