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What You Need To Know About Home Appraisals

1) Examination of the Property

The physical examination of a property is performed by an appraiser. These types of visits are usually brief if the house is in good condition. Other factors that contribute to the lengthiness of the appraisal are the Gross Living Area (GLA) and the design of the home. A home with a large living area will take longer than those examinations for smaller homes. Also homes that are designed a bit more complex will lead to longer examinations. A typical home appraisal takes about 30 minutes to complete and are required by the lender who is completing the loan.


2) Selecting Comparables

This part of an appraisal is when the appraiser chooses a nearby house that closely resembles your home and has closed within the last 6 months. Most appraisals require at least 3 closed comparables, 2 of which have closed within 6 months and another that has closed within 12. No comparables will be taken into consideration if it has closed 12 or more months prior to the appraisal. Some lenders are now requiring comparables that are pending or still active to be included. The comparable is usually within a 1 mile radius of the location of your home but the proximity of the comparable differs between suburban and rural neighborhoods. Suburban homes tend to require a comparable that is no more than 1 mile away while homes located in a rural type of neighborhood can be as far apart as 5 miles. The appraiser will choose the most appropriate one and include it in the Appraisal Report.


3) Completing the Appraisal Report

After the examination of the property and choosing the best comparable sales available, the appraiser can now begin to compile the Appraisal Report. The appraiser evaluates all information that is entered into the report so that they can determine an accurate Market Value of your home. This report is usually handed back to the client after seven to ten business days of the appraisal.


These three main categories are what complete an appraisal report when trying to sell your home. Though they may vary somewhat throughout real estate, this is typically how an appraisal is performed. Next time you are looking to sell your home keep these topics in mind so that you are aware of what the appraiser is looking for.

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What Are The Top Home Selling Secrets

Selling your house during these times can be tough, the Santa Maria real estate market is depressed like most real estate markets in California which makes getting top dollar for you home that much more challenging.  But if you are planning on selling your house, you can use some house-selling tips to maximize your profit. These tips will not only help you save on your remodelling costs but will also allow you to sell your house at a higher price. Professional home stagers have helped thousands of homeowners use these tips to clean and style their homes to get a top price.

Improve the exterior- A dingy front door and chipped off paint and fixtures outside your house leave a bad impression on the buyers. Similarly, anything out of place or out of season should be removed before you call in buyers like out-of-season holiday lights, or a Christmas wreath. You can also improve the exterior of your house with fresh paint and new fixtures.

Disorganized corners in your home – A disorganized corner at the side of the main room, like in the backyard can make the place look dirty and cluttered. If you clear things away from your main rooms to stage your home, make sure you do not clutter all that stuff in an area of the house. Instead clean all those areas to make the home and rooms look spacious and neat.

De-clutter the rooms – Before you call in any buyers, clean your rooms and remove any personal belongings like photos, extra furniture, books and toys. This will make the rooms to look more spacious and larger.

Do not make your rooms look bare – If you are de-cluttering the rooms, then do that to an extent. Do not go ahead and remove so many furnishing that the rooms look bare or incomplete. For example, your kitchen or the room next to it like the dining room should have a dining area or an eating area. If you remove all dining furniture, the rooms will look incomplete. Unless you are completely evacuating everything from the rooms for a coat of fresh paint, do keep a little more furniture so the rooms give a homely and comfortable look.

Clean any messy areas – If you have a spot in the house where you like to paint or stitch and have it messed with all your personal belongings, you need to clear these areas. Any crowded corners inside the rooms do not leave a good impression. Similarly if some space in your rooms looks underused, add some furniture items to it.

Clean the kitchens – A cluttered and untidy kitchen is the most annoying factor for home buyers. When a buyer visits your house, they will be most interested in the kitchen as it is one of the places where the family spends most of their time. So make sure you clean the kitchen counters and tables and remove any personal belongings and any kids stuff.

Clean the bathrooms – Just like the kitchen, the bathroom should also be cleaned properly and any personal items should be removed. Make sure there are no smells in the bathrooms from toiletries and other personal items.

Kids rooms and guest rooms – Kids rooms are most of the time overcrowded and messy and guest bedrooms are often ignored and neglected. Make sure these rooms are clean and organized before you call in any buyers.

Clean the garage and basement – Most sellers tend to move all their belongings to the basement or the garage to clear space before calling in buyers. These areas of the house also need to be cleaned and organized.

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