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Gene Perez Your Lender Resource And More

, from Santa Maria, Ca.,  has been helping his clients for the past 20 years with their financial and needs.   If you are looking to buy a home and have been shopping he can help you not only qualify but find that perfect home.   He specializes in VA Home loans , FHA home loans and Conventional home loans give him a call or visit http://geneperez.net and see what he can do for you.

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Get A VA Home Loan, And Buy A Home Today

Getting a VA home loan is one of the benefits that a Veteran has so that they can become a home owner, WITH LITTLE TO NO MONEY. There are other home loan programs available, such as a conventional home loans, or FHA home loans. But the VA home loan has a couple of very important features 1) is NO MONEY DOWN , THAT IS ZERO, NO DOWN PAYMENT. 2) Unlike a FHA loan that has mortgage insurance with an upfront fee and a monthly fee that can add several hundred dollars to the mortgage payment. VA does not have a monthly mortgage insurance payment tacked on top of your mortgage payment. Which allows you to either qualify for more house and even have a lower payment than someone with a loan amount as yours but they have a FHA loan.

for our troops

You don’t need to have a perfect credit to get a VA home loan you can get home loan with scores as low as 550. Compare that to a FHA loan and with the same scores, minimum down payment would be 10% VA will still allow you to come in with zero down. Please keep in mind that down payment and closing costs are two different things you still have to pay for escrow fees, the appraisal etc. Which can be a few thousand depending if the seller is willing to pay for any of the closing costs.

If you think you are ready to start the process on using your VA benefits to get a home loan one of the things you will have to do is apply for your certificate of eligibility. Click Here, and just follow the instructions, you will need to get your certificate of eligibility in order to get your VA home loan.

Something to keep in mind that even though there is not a monthly mortgage insurance fee added to your payment VA does charge what they call a funding fee that can be financed on top of your loan. If you have never used your VA benefits then the funding fee is 2.15 % of the loan amount and is added to the total of the loan amount. If you have used your VA benefits before then it does go up to 3.3%. It is a good chunk of change but you still coming in with nothing down and you have no monthly mortgage insurance payment like you would with a FHA loan which can easily be $2-300 more a month every month for the life of the loan. Now VA is looking pretty damn cheap. Nothing is really free and the funding fee is really just in case you do not pay and there is a foreclosure done on the home. The funding fee is really like an insurance on the loan.

Now lets say you filed for Bankruptcy or you had to do a short sale or a foreclosure in a previous home you had and now you are recovering. On a bankruptcy you only have to wait two years after it is discharged from the date you filed but from the date it was discharged. Very important the date your bk is discharged don’t get a bunch of debt but start working on re-stablishibng your credit. The easiest and fastest way is getting a secured credit card or even getting added on to an account. Try to shoot for 3 trade lines they do not have to be big accounts can just be $500.00 accounts but they will count towards establishing some sort of credit history and will get you points going again.

Now if you did have to do a short sale or even a foreclosure you only really need to wait two years from that date to qualify again and use your VA benefits. There is one catch, if the VA lost money in that transaction you might not have full benefits but if you know you did do a short sale or foreclosure, the best thing to do is check with the VA on that. To see if you have full benefits or only partial.

if you are interested in getting a VA home loan just ask me.

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