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Can You Get A Home Loan With Bad Credit ?

charol asks…

bad credit ……………?

is it possible to get a mortgage with bad credit rating, I have a joint mortgage but am being bought out and would like to get my own home.

admin answers:

Some times people that think they have bad credit really is not all that bad.  I do not know what you have on your credit.  But even if you had some questionable credit you can try going to a mortgage broker, being that they work with a variety of banks they might be able to find one with your situation.

But if you do have bad credit many times the interest rate will be higher and sometimes much higher or just not possible depending on what is being reported on your credit.  Really the first thing to do is see some one and have them check your credit.  Also I have had many clients come in and tell me they have bad credit.

Sometimes their credit really was not that bad and they really qualified for a home loan with out having to do any thing.  Other times they did have some issues but nothing that could not be fixed with a few letters and phone calls to the point that at the end of the month they were buying a home.  Other times yes much much worst and there was nothing I can do to save my life their credit was so bad.  But the thing is you will not know just how bad till you go see someone first then go from there.

Good Luck !


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