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525 Calle Grande, Santa Maria , Ca. , Home For Sale

If you are looking to buy a home in Santa Maria, Ca., pre-qualified for your home loan then here is a home to add to your must see list.  This home located on 525 Calle Grande Cir. in Santa Maria. Ca. that has been very well taken care of.  Over 13,000 sq ft. lot! Located on a quiet cul de sac in Toby Ranch. This home has enough room to park your toys with RV parking, A large yard for entertaining or to grow that organic garden. A unique tri-level home that has a step-down family room with a fireplace. dining room and remodeled updated kitchen.Home has had lots of updates, Roof approximately 3 yrs old and garage door 2 yrs old.Located near shopping and easy access to freeways.

Beautiful Home in quiet neighborhood!




Single Family Home
Main Features
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Partial Bathroom
Interior: 1,868 sqft
Lot: 13,068 sqft
525 Calle Grande Cir
Santa Maria, CA 93455

Valley Hills Valley Hills

(805) 352-1100

Listed by: Valley Hills Realty

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Is Santa Maria Real Estate Still A Good Investment ?



Many of the home buyers and investors that I come across and are interested in buying one of the Santa Maria homes for sale and may need to get some kind of financing for a new mortgage home loans for first time home buyers are still on the fence waiting for some kind of sign as to whether it is a good time to invest into Santa Maria real estate or not.  Reality is that the Santa Maria real estate market is full of opportunity with interest rates being as low as they are and the homes in Santa Maria being at all time lows the time to buy is truly now. I know that many are saying  “of course that is he would say since he sells homes.  What else would he say?’  Well before you make a judge read the rest of the story.  Also keep in mind that real estate is a local thing I cannot speak about Detroit real estate market or the market about Dallas, just about the Santa Maria real estate market. That is not to say that points below do not apply to your market they may very well apply.  I know many home owners that have bought homes in Santa Maria in the past few years, only to eventually lose them.  In fact most people know someone that have lost their home or going to lose their in the Santa Maria real estate market, only to end up being one of the many Santa Maria homes for sale .  Real estate is like any investment it is all about timing and I do believe the timing for many thinking about getting into real estate and buying a home is now!  Santa Maria real estate and Santa Maria foreclosures are truly primed to be a great investment here are several why real estate in general is a good investment whether it be Santa Maria real estate or not.

Real Estate:  Finally a good investment?

The housing market still looks pretty bleak but it is really a matter of perspective.  Although many of the homes in Santa Maria may still have mortgages where the owners are currently upside down in value.  You have to take into account when they bought their home if they bought it at the peak in 2005 –2006 then of course it was a bad investment.  But like stated before investing is all about timing.  But for those for those that are getting in and buying low and record low interest rates, buying a home in Santa Maria can be a great investment.  Real estate is a wide range of markets – homes, apartments, hospitals, office buildings, strip malls, dormitories and other properties. But our only focus is just on residential real estate, or homes. Here are more reasons to think residential real estate might represent a bargain , especially one of the Santa Maria homes for sale and foreclosures in Santa Maria, ca.  Keep in mind when it comes to making investment if your property can cash flow that is a pretty good investment.

santa maria median sales prices

• Does everyone hate real estate–

When the housing market is in the dumps real estate is probably the worst place to be in next to the stock market.  The Santa Maria real estate market is no exception.  I have seen homes reduced in priced in today’s market up to 70% loss from the owner had that lost the home.  Its understandable that there is the fear of buying home or anything that may not be worth tomorrow what you paid for today.  But for those that are getting a home and buying one of the Santa Maria homes for sale where the new home owner is now paying hundreds less in a mortgage payment than they were when they were renting real estate is a great for them.  Not to mention the homeowners that lost their homes 3 years ago and are now buying a home today for less than half of what they owed on the home they lost and paying half of a mortgage payment for basically the same kind of home and even better than the home they lost.  Real estate is a great investment for them. Many new home owners in the Santa Maria real estate market are home owners that lost their homes as well.  But starting over in a better position than when they lost their home.

• Smart people are buying real estate –

Believe it or not I read in one of those financial news reports that there are more foreigners’ buying real estate in the United States than the actual U.S. Citizens per transactions or per dollar amounts.   You have to ask yourself why.  As of right now Santa Maria real estate is cash flowing nicely due to a very strong rental market.  If that is the case then real estate is turning out to be a good investment alternative to other investment vehicles such as CD’s or stocks or mutual funds.  But like all investments you will still have to do your due diligence before you venture to buying any of the Santa Maria homes for sale.  Have an agent searching the homes in Santa Maria on the Santa Maria real estate MLS can help you find some great deals.  It always amazes me when someone wants to use their uncle, or aunt or cousin that does that one transaction a year and is completely clueless on what they are doing since that is all they do.  I have nothing against helping out a family member with some business but this is or may be the biggest financial transaction you ever do in your life and you want someone that has no experience.  As well as someone that does this or that year round mechanic on the side and real estate.  Although I will have to admit my biggest headaches are when I get clients getting a loan with someone on the internet because they were quoted a killer rate its usually ends up being not very fun.  Smart people are buying real estate but smart people also deal with people that know what they are doing and where real estate is their career not their hobby.   Ask yourself how many people you knew 5 years ago that were doing real estate or mortgage loans and are now a cashier somewhere or just doing something else.

• Real estate performs well during inflation –

Conventional wisdom says Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, commodities, and real estate do well in an inflationary environment.  Real estate performed well during the period in the 1970s, when persistent inflation and high unemployment occurred.  One thing to keep in mind is that they stop making land and even though there may be open land does that open land come with water, and utilities?  Remember everyone is expecting inflation to kick in due to our current deficit and other factors that hyper inflation is just around the corner.  The cost of living is already increasing its just a matter of time before hyper does inflation kick in.

• Demand may be coming back –

The reality is until there is sufficient jobs demand real estate will not be coming back at full potential just yet regardless of what ever or where ever your market happens to be.  But keep in mind that when it does come back you will be paying much more than you could of.  Everyone has done the would of, could of routine.  Just ask yourself when it does come back do you want to be the one wishing you did buy.  Here is a saying from Warren Buffet richest guy in the world, on when to invest “buy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy”.   Santa Maria real estate presents many opportunities and if you are interested in looking at one of  the many Santa Maria homes for sale do not hesitate to call me.  I will do my best to find you the home in Santa Maria you are looking for.

You Have To Live Somewhere-

Last but not least is that you are going to have to live somewhere and where ever you plan on living will cost you money.  Many of the transactions that I have done recently the new home owner is paying what they were paying in rent or even a few hundred less.  Now of course this will not happen each and every time I have had a few where it was a few hundred more.  But ask yourself if you can pay the same in rent now for a home with everything included would you?  After 10 years of renting what do you have to show for other than you can pay rent on time.  If you time the market and get in at bottom low prices and bottom low interest rates as they are now the only place you have to go is up.  There are no guarantees in life other than death and taxes, but you can hedge your bets.  As for dying before paying off a 30 year mortgage argument make an ONE extra payment per year and shave up 10 years off the mortgage.  For more tips or advice just call me.


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