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Closing Costs On Va Loan ? Get $3,500.00 To Pay For Them ?

In this post I am going to tell you how to get up to $3,500.00 to buy a home if you are a Veteran to use to help pay for your closing costs and get a home almost or close to NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES.  Now I did not say that the house is for free, because you are applying for a home loan that you do have to make payments on.   I am just gonna tell you how not to pay anything or close to anything to get a home.  Now this does apply for those living on the Central Coast and its our Home Loans For Veterans Only Program.


If you are in the Military or just got out of one of the services one of the things that may run through your mind or at least it did in mine.  Is being able to buy your own place your own home with NO MONEY DOWN.   You hear all the time how some people have to put down 3.5%  or 5 % or more to just buy a home.  But not VA Home Loans you can buy a home with NO MONEY DOWN.   Although one of things that they don’t tell you is that there is closing costs.   Now if you are like me you are probably thinking “great now what the hell is that I thought I can buy a home with no money ? ”  Here is the thing you can buy a home without a down payment but that does not mean there is not any closing costs that come with it, just like every other loan, there are escrow fees, impounds , taxes and insurance that you have to pay before you can get the loan as well as the appraisal that normally runs $500.00 that you pay upfront to insure that home is worth the purchase price as well as there are no issues with the home.  Now if money is tight I know it feels like damn, there went that idea. But wait read on !

So How Much Are The Closing Closing Costs ?

Typically closings costs for a home loan is about 5 -6k that’s a check you would have to write in order to get your home.  When you have a family and you have kids, there always seems to be something.   If its not one thing its another and saving money is a priority.   Its always on the top of my list.  It just seems that other things on that list seem to kick it to the curb.    Like  paying the bills; feeding the kids and making sure they have decent clothes to wear that seem to be destroyed as soon as you bought them.  If you have boys, that are active then you know shoes and pants have a short life span but they still cost money !   Money you wish you could of saved to buy a house.

Here is how we can help if you are buying a home.   We will at the CLOSE OF ESCROW reimburse you up to $500.00 for your appraisal costs.  Aside from that, we will be providing you with up to $1,000.00 that you can use to off set towards closings costs.   Now just to be clear, its not $1,000.00 gift certificate, but money that will be credited Only towards closing costs.  

Benefits Using Our Real Estate Network

Get Up To $3,500.00 For Closing Costs !

Now you can choose to work with which ever agent you want to work with and still receive up to $1,500.00 to offset your closing costs.  If you decide to work with an agent in our Real Estate Network, then you can receive an additional $2,000.00, that can be applied only to closing costs.  That is a total of $3,500.00 to offset your closing costs and helping you buy your home.

There are conditions, for example you still have to qualify for a home loan and this is for VETS only.   To get more details on how to


just give us a call, see what you qualify for.


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Do You Really Want To Buy A Condo ?

How to get a home loan is a lot harder than it was and it can be a lot more tricky when it comes to buying a condo.   There is one very important thing you have to do if after reading this you still want to buy a condo, which I will share with you so just keep reading.    I do get a lot of people asking me about qualifying to buy a condo since condos are usually cheaper in price than homes.  Now typically a condo will sell for much less than a home making it very attractive, but it does not mean that its less expensive than a home.  I know that sounds confusing I will explain.

I have to be honest, I do not like condos much.

Not that they do not have their place and you cannot get a good investment on one.  Or that those that buy condos hate them.  But I will explain cons and what you need to know before buying a condo or venturing into one.

1) Depending on the monthly HOA sometimes those monthly payments with your mortgage payments you total payment is the same and sometimes more than buying a home.

2) Because a lot of condos become rentals which some lenders will not do the loan on them because too many of the units are rented out, and sometimes the HOA’s have financial issues getting a loan for a condo can actually be a lot harder than it would be getting regular home loan.

3) Remembe HOA’s come with rules, such as leaving your garage door open or even what kind of door  knocker you can have on your door.  Which can result in a fine for not following the rules.

4) HOA ‘s almost always go with inflation so maybe the monthly dues are $150.00 there is no guarantee that they will stay there, something to keep in mind if your budget is tight.

5) Last but not least is that condo’s do not appreciate the same as a home on its own lot would.  They still appreciate of course but not the same as a home.

After all that you still want to buy a Condo I can help you get the loan for it.  But here is what you need to know.

Now a condo is great for those that have no time for yard work.   Or even those that like to entertain if the development has a nice club house or pool.  And being that they sell for less than a home it makes it easier to buy with smaller down payments than a home.

But you do need to check if the condo complex is on the FHA hud approved list especially if you are a first time home buyer.    Here is the link below to see if your condo complex qualifies.  If you need help in getting a home loan whether that be a FHA , VA or just a convention loan let me know and we can see what you qualify for.  If your condo is not approved it can be difficult getting a loan, basically this means that condo complex may have financial difficulties or that there are too many renters in that complex.  Meaning that you may not get the best rate possible or may have to put down a large down payment.

Good Luck ..

Click Here To See If Your Condo Is Approved.


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Nipomo Three BR Two BA, Darling well kept home on large lot at end $259,000

Nipomo Three BR Two BA, Darling well kept home on large lot at end $259,000

Nipomo, CA — Darling well kept home on large lot at end of street near open agricultural land. 3 BEDROOMs, 1.75 BATHROOMs with bonus type room. Lots of room in back yard and Parking for rv. Great starter home, priced at $259,000!
Melissa Watkins has this 3 bedrooms / 2 bathroom property available at 250 E Dana in Nipomo for $259000.00.
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You must come in and see, this is not a drive by. Very nice Three BR Two BA $274,900

You must come in and see, this is not a drive by. Very nice Three BR Two BA $274,900

Santa Maria, CA — You must come in and see, this is not a drive by. Very nice 3 beds two bathrooms home in northeast santa maria.
Cecilia Phillips has this 3 bedrooms / 2 bathroom property available at 1622 N Oxford in Santa Maria for $274900.00. Please call (805) 310-5188 to arrange a viewing.
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$275000 Four BR 2.Zero BA, Lompoc $275,000

Lompoc, CA — Come enjoy the view, stay and buy the home! Well maintained 4 beds home in south village.
Kristen Webster is showing this 4 bedrooms / 2 bathroom property in Lompoc. Call (805) 588-4599 to arrange a viewing.
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Come check out this rarely-available, single-level, Orcutt Bluffs end unit $179,900

Come check out this rarely-available, single-level, Orcutt Bluffs end unit $179,900

Santa Maria, CA — Come check out this rarely-available, single-level, orcutt bluffs end unit condominium!
Tni LeBlanc, JD is showing 449 Rice Ranch Rd in Santa Maria which has 2 bedrooms / 2 bathroom and is available for $179900.00.
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Orcutt, Gorgeous Two BR Two BA home. Beautiful kitchen $339,900

Orcutt, CA — Gorgeous 2 beds two bathrooms home. Beautiful kitchen with pot filler behind gas stove.
Auer Real Estate has this 2 bedrooms / 2 bathroom property available at 1337 Shetland Court in Orcutt for $339900.00.
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