Alternative Uses for Wine

Wine can have many benefits besides the consumption of wine itself. Before throwing away that half bottle of wine that you did not get a chance to finish during last week’s dinner party, try one of these unusual ideas that wine is good for.

Red Wine – Whether you were drinking Merlot or a smooth Cabernet, red wine has tremendous effects on other things besides cooking or drinking.


Benefits of having leftover red wine

Skin Moisturizer

Jump in the bath tub with a glass of new wine and pour a few glasses of previously opened red wine into the water. The red wine compounds soften skin, disinfect and replenish your skin.

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Plant Fertilizer

If you compost this will work wonders for you. Adding the last few drops of your aged red wine into the bin will cause the bacteria to activate thus helping you grow a healthier garden.

White Wine –  If you are having a nice Chardonnay or tasteful Sauvignon Blanc during the start of your evening, don’t feel bad if end up having to plug the cork back on the bottle because you have some leftover wine. White wines have other uses besides drinking too!


Benefits and alternative uses of white wine

Grease Stains

White Wines when mixed with baking soda can do good during a kitchen clean or anywhere else you are trying to remove those nasty grease stains. It will make scrubbing your grill or kitchen floor an easy task to accomplish.

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